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I am a computer systems security researcher currently at the University of Pavia, my name is Giuseppe Nebbione, but online for reasons of brevity you can find me on IRC and other services under the short names of gnebbia or gnc.

My research interests are mainly in the fields of Computer Systems Security and Machine Learning.

In this personal webpage, you can find some notes I collected with time and some of the projects I am involved in.

To find out more about what I am working on in my free time you can check out my github account at the following link: github profile.

If you are instead interested on my academic research, you can find my scholar page here: scholar profile.

I hope these resources may be helpful to you.

Most of the material on this website is in English, so that it can be useful to more people as possible although you may still find here and there some material in my native language (i.e., italian).

I currently work at the Performance Evaluation Lab @ University of Pavia (Italy).

You can also find me in the following places:

  • email: giuseppe [dot] nebbione01 at universitadipavia [dot] it
  • IRC: mainly on Freenode, generally on :
    • ##security
    • ##hacking
    • ##networking
    • ##statistics
    • ##machinelearning
    • #python
    • #gentoo-chat