Welcome to my personal webpage, you can find some notes I collected with time and some of the projects I am involved in.

I hope these resources may be helpful to you. Most of the material is in English, so that it can be useful to more people as possible although you may still find here and there some material in my native language (i.e., italian).

This website is structured as follows:

  • Guides: this section contains various notes collected with time and organized by topic, most of this knowledge was found online, on books or on man pages
  • Projects: this section contains a list of projects I am (or was) involved in
  • Links: this section contains a list of good resources, internet has plenty of resources about any topic, but sometimes it may bedifficult to perform a selection or to understand where to spend time, I tried to collect the most useful and rich (from my point of view) resources
  • About: whoami

If you have any suggestion and/or would like to contribute with some translations or corrections, don't feel afraid to contact me at the email address written in the About section.